Friday, 30 April 2010

Quick Freebieee Post....

Cocoa Studio Designs have a freebie.... Quick, get over there and nab it before they're all gone!!!! Oh, cos they're digi they won't all go? Ok, back to what you were doing, no need to panic!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

2 Lovely Links...

Whimsie Doodles have done a tutorial on making a hanging seed packet using an image from their Sow Leah digi stamp.

And just as a separate note, check out this beautiful card from Amy, Love the colour, love the simplicity...

Thats all from me tonight, night night xx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Artist Highlight #001 - Jane

I love Jane's work, she's at the top of my list for watching what she does with digital stamps.
I hope she won't mind that I'm choosing her as my first artist highlight.... Actually scrap that, she's brilliant at what she creates so I'm doing it anyway...

This week I'm going to get the header sorted as a good friend suggested that putting just copics at the top might send people to the little cross at the top of the screen so I'm going to fiddle about with other images and photoshop :)

I'm also going to start on the challenge list and to make things easier I will list them all by day so you know when each challenge starts.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

Friday, 23 April 2010

New blog, new weekend, new addiction...

Welcome to what is currently called Stamp, Ink & Card (but watch this space as I might well change it's name).
I've started to put it together for a handful of reasons:

1. a place for digital stamp resource links (see links on the RHS)
2. somewhere to find links to our favourite non-UK stamps that are now being sold in the UK (watch this space)
3. a place to share techniques on stamping, colouring, card-making etc
4. a place to highlight great artists and manufacturers

If there's anything else you'd like to see, let me know. I'll consider most things as long as they're related to the nature of the blog :)
Although the blog seems mostly focused on digital stamps I also want to start linking up to some digital scrapbooking sites too, so watch the RHS for another set of links.
My promise is that I will update the blog at least once a week.
This weekend I'm going to get the categories sorted so there should be a lot more content to delve through by Sunday evening.
Thanks for coming and looking and I'll see you soon... beware, changes will be happening daily :)